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Self Exclusion

Self-exclusion. Take a break from gambling

We at SpicyCasinos recognize the risks associated with online gambling and encourage our readers to gamble responsibly. Reputable platforms and gambling venues offer ways to prevent problem gambling and various tools players can use to take a break from gaming activities, including self-exclusion programs.

Keep it fun and play responsibly

Gambling is intended as a recreational activity. However, along with the growth of the gambling industry, the risks for dependence have also increased. Consequently, governments and private operators worldwide have recognized the need to monitor and improve the availability of responsible gambling tools.
Government programs offer self-exclusion in many areas, while casino and sportsbook operators are often required by law to ensure players who wish to self-exclude have the option to do so. The choice of options for healthier gambling habits is vast and can help balance your gaming activities and have fun while playing without any dire consequences.

What is self-exclusion

Self-exclusion is a tool used by gamblers who feel like they’re spending too much time and funds at online casinos or physical gambling premises. It is widely used and has become one of the key features of responsible gambling. This measure is widely used by players who wish to reevaluate their gambling habits and take excessive gambling under control.
The risks of excessive gaming are not an unknown concept in the gaming community, so as with any other large social health issue, many opportunities are offered to players who wish to quit.

How to begin

It all begins with one request. Players can send it to the government agency that monitors gambling activities in their area. The exclusion period may vary, but essentially, this step will take you away from gambling for an extended period of time and help you gain some perspective on the importance of healthy gambling habits.
Alternatively, if you wish to self-exclude from a particular operator, simply navigate to the responsible gambling section, where various options will be presented to you. Choose the period you’d wish to take a break for, such as six months, a year or five.
Provide the necessary identification and photo, opt out of all newsletters and mailers, and withdraw your balance.

Benefits of self-exclusion

1. Self-exclusion offers a safe space to reevaluate your gambling habits, free from the constant temptations presented by the abundance of gambling opportunities and related content. Research confirms that self-exclusion is a working tool which has helped millions worldwide overcome their gambling addiction.
2. Self-exclusion is a voluntary commitment and thus marks a significant step towards a balanced lifestyle. It can pave the way for further support and assistance, including a therapeutic approach to the treatment of this disorder.
Furthermore, legislation across various regions supports this commitment, ensuring casino customers’ requests are honoured.
3. It is also important to remember the financial gains from taking a break from playing. While there are ways to moderate your budget, self-exclusion ensures you save money otherwise spent on gambling.

Third-party self-exclusion

If someone close to you is suffering from gambling addiction, it is important to remember that you can seek help, too. In various countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, casinos can enforce third-party exclusion contracts. Using this option, you can help your family members be excluded from casinos, thus urging them to seek treatment and limit the negative consequences excessive gambling is causing their family and friends. Third-party requests are meticulously evaluated by their intent and merit and can help moderate financial losses and the mental toll problem gambling is taking on your loved one.

Breaking the Agreement

Unfortunately, sometimes, operators do not detect breaches of the self-exclusion agreement. If you’re still playing during the self-exclusion period, the operator or agency providing such a service should definitely be notified. This will help them improve the system by identifying and closing any loopholes, such as allowing access to other gambling platforms or failing to enforce the exclusion period.
As players can choose to exclude themselves from particular operators only temporarily, alternative options may be tempting to use during the said period. If you opt for taking a break from particular venues, consider a broader approach, and exclusion from all gambling sites and physical venues might be a better option.

Alternatives to self-exclusion

If self-exclusion does not work for you and you find yourself gambling again, remember that there are many alternatives that might work better in your specific case. Explore extensive research or contact a counsellor for a better solution. However, remember that gambling during the self-exclusion period may lead to confiscated winnings and various penalties.
There are also active ways to limit or altogether remove gambling from your life.

Blocking software

Blocking software is very popular and widely used among mobile gamblers and those who prefer online gambling to brick-and-mortar casinos. Programs like Betblocker and Gamlock provide the option to block gambling-specific content, and Netnanny allows you to choose which sites you wish to block.
All are available on Apple Play and Google Play stores and can greatly improve your online experience without showing gambling content, which might tempt you to get back to playing too much.

Account closure

If you’re tired of coming back to the same platform and gambling when you know you shouldn’t, you can simply withdraw your winnings and close your account. However, remember that it is just as easy to open another one or go to a different site, as there are many to choose from. In that case, account closure will stop you from playing at a particular site but will do little to help you overcome dependency.

Seek help wherever you are

As mentioned, responsible gambling encompasses all gaming activities worldwide, and nearly every region and jurisdiction has comprehensive opportunities to monitor and enforce responsible gambling outlines and legislations.
Here are some of the top choices for players from countries where gambling is a very popular past-time and players often experience a compulsion to play:
Germany – Check Dein Spiel
Austria – Playresponsible
Sweden – Spelpaus
Denmark – ROFUS
Netherlands: Cruks
UK – GamCare
Australia – ACMA
USA – California
Arizona – Arizona: Department of Gaming
Michigan: Gaming Control Board
New York: Gaming Commission
Canada – ALGC

Multi-venue self-exclusion

If you’re struggling, removing temptation altogether may be the best course of action. Fortunately, you can self-exclude from multiple vendors and take advantage of a chance to exclude from all gambling venues and platforms altogether. Explore the options to quit gambling and combine this action with blocking software and other measures for maximum results.


Self-exclusion is an excellent motivator to further steps towards battling a gaming addiction. Whether you’re opting for a temporary break from a specific casino or are looking to remove gambling from your life altogether, remember that these programs work, and you can easily access help for yourself and your loved ones.